Malwarebytes vs Bitdefender

Protecting your computer from viruses, malware, hackers, and other threats is of utmost importance as it ensures that your device and all data stored on it are safe and secured. To do that, we all use antivirus programs, free or paid ones. But, with so many of them available, it’s hard to decide which one we should use. Which one is better?

While there are lots of antivirus programs, in this post, we focus on two of them: Malwarebytes and Bitdefender. Both of them are famous but which one is better?

Let’s find this out!

Malwarebytes vs Bitdefender: Basics

Both of these programs are popular and effective against viruses and other common threats. But, of course, they differ in their features. In short, Malwarebytes is extremely simple to use, provides users with a cutting-edge support tool that allows them to check previous issues and deal with them, and allows them to customize scans and track their results. On the other hand, Bitdefender is a bit more complex to use and affects the computer’s speed. However, it provides users with more security features and tools. Also, it scores higher on tests than Malwarebytes and provides live support.

Before we dig deeper into comparing their features, we, first, look briefly into their features separately. This will give you an insight into what makes each program special and worth using. Plus, it will show you which one of these is more suitable for your needs.

Malwarebytes Features

Malwarebytes has a number of features, which differ based on whether you use its free or the paid version. The free version:

  • Protects your device from viruses and other malicious processes in real-time.
  • Prevents viruses and malware from accessing your device and harming the data stored on it.
  • Protects your device from ransomware.
  • Protects your computer from websites that try to install a virus on it. It also protects your device from URLs that spread viruses on the same and steal data.

In addition to these 4 features included in the free version, the paid version includes 4 more:

  • Identifies the viruses that managed to access the device, quarantines them, and then removes them. It can deal with Trojans, malware, common viruses, ransomware, PUPs, and other threats.
  • By using signature identification, behavior analysis, and heuristics, it can prevent future threats from accessing your device.
  • Prevents cybercriminals to access your computer remotely and steal any private or sensitive data.
  • HyperScan mode – looks only for active threats, which decreases the number of system resources used for scanning, thus allowing your device to work normally without any impact on its performance.

Other features:

  • Centralized threat reporting and management
  • Quick deployments
  • Network endpoints discovery
  • Asset management for managing endpoints and employing solutions.
  • Flexible push-install options.

Bitdefender Features

As mentioned earlier, Bitdefender comes with a greater range of features. They include all the features Malwarebytes has, plus the following ones:

  • Encrypted password manager database which encrypts all your saved passwords using a master password. Hence, even if a hacker manages to access your device and files, they won’t be able to get into them without the master password. Clever, huh?
  • Privacy tools that stop ad tracking software to track your online activities.
  • Social media security features which protect your device from malicious links and detect the same.
  • File shredder which completely destroys data saved on the HDD by writing over it. This ensures none of your deleted data can ever be recovered.
  • Secure browsing
  • Rescue mode feature which cleans your system in case ransomware or virus has attacked and blocked your computer and doesn’t let it boot.

Other features:

  • Battery mode
  • Move, work, and game modes
  • Webcam protection
  • Anti-phishing and anti-fraud
  • Bitdefender Autopilot
  • Bitdefender Photon
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Quick Risk Checker
  • Fast and worry-free online bank and shop
  • Parental Advisor

Malwarebytes vs Bitdefender: Features Comparison

Now that we’ve briefly gone through all the features these two antivirus programs offer, we can compare them. To make sure the comparison is clear and easy to understand, we’ve divided the comparison into separate points.

Ease of Use

We start from the usual starting point in software comparison – the ease of use. You’ll be happy to know that both programs are easy to use. However, we can say that Malwarebytes is a bit easier due to its simple user interface, pop-up notifications, and the plethora of support tools that allow a simple setup, even if the users are novices.


When it comes to their features, we’ve already seen that both of these programs do a great job in protecting your device from various types of threats, such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and Trojans, and remove them. And while Malwarebytes focuses on protecting your computer from threats, Bitdefender does more than that.

With its broad range of features, it not only manages threats but also provides additional protection while browsing the web and social media, protects your webcam, prevents kids from accessing specific data, and monitors their digital actions. It also encrypts your passwords, destroys your data without chance of recovering the same, and saves your computer in case of ransomware blocking your access to it.

Of course, Bitdefender offers many more features, as already seen, that make sure your device is secured and fully protected from threats and hackers. And, I believe it’s more than clear that Bitdefender is the winner here.


No matter which one of these two antivirus programs you use, you can rest assured that your device will be protected. They both prevent threats from accessing your device and successfully deal with the ones that manage to pass the protection. Also, they identify, quarantine, and remove all viruses from the system and scan your device regularly, thus providing real-time protection.

On one hand, Malwarebytes comes equipped with the anti-rootkit, anti-ransomware, and malicious website and bad URL protection. These features make sure your device is secured and free from any threat that could steal private and sensitive data from it.

On the other hand, Bitdefender offers incredible security features such as data encryption with a master password, file shredder, privacy tools, and browsing and social media security. There are also boot-time scan, firewall, and intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, which ensure your device is fully protected from viruses, malware, browser hijackers, and hackers. And, with its macro protection, antispam, CloudAV, and email security features, Bitdefender makes sure no aspect of your device’s security is left out.

After comparing both of these antivirus programs, it’s more than clear that Bitdefender is the winner. And, how it cannot be when it packs some of the most impressive features which work altogether to ensure your computer’s and data security.


Malwarebytes not only comes with plenty of features but also with plenty of integrations. In fact, it supports different types of integrations, including:

  • Breach detection systems – FireEye, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and LastLine.
  • Remote monitoring and management – Kaseya, Lab Tech, Continuum, PadialPoint, Plum Choice, and NinjaMSP.
  • Security information and event management – IBM, Intel Security, LogRhythm, Splunk, and ArcSight.
  • Endpoint management platforms – Intel Security, Microsoft, IBM, Tanium, Forescount, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Contrary to Malwarebytes, Bitdefender has only 4 integrations, including Kaseya, Lack Tech, Gravity Zone, and ConnectWise.

So, we can say that Malwarebytes kicked Bitdefender in this aspect. With all those integrations, it’s the clear winner here!

Supported Languages

When it comes to this point, it’s interesting that both of these programs are the same. Indeed, they support the same languages: English, Dutch, Polish, and Turkish. So, there’s no winner here – it’s a tie!

Supported Devices

Being able to use the antivirus program on various types of devices is a great advantage. Fortunately, both of these programs support multiple types of devices with both being available on Windows, Android, and Mac. Bitdefender is additionally available on the web and on iPhone/iPad. With two more supported devices, Bitdefender has a bit of advantage over Malwarebytes.

Customer Support

Although last on the list of features, the customer support is really important as it’s the service that connects the users with the company standing behind the software. Malwarebytes, here, can pride itself on having support via phone and tickets, as well as trainings to help users get around. Bitdefender also offers phone support and trainings and, in addition to that, it offers email and live chat support, but it misses support via tickets.

With 4 over 3 types of customer support, including the most important ones of live chat and email, Bitdefender wins here.

Malwarebytes vs Bitdefender: Pricing

Malwarebytes Pricing Plans

There are two types of pricing plans:


This plan has 3 different prices, based on the number of devices it supports, including:

  • 1 device – $3.33/month, billed yearly
  • 5 devices – $6.67/month, billed yearly
  • 5 devices + VPN – $8.33/month, billed yearly


This plan offers 3 packages, including:

  • For Teams – From $49.99/year to $799.80/year, for 1 to 20 devices. It’s best for companies that are interested in only protecting less than 20 devices.
  • Endpoint Protection – From $699.90/year to $5.939,01/year, for 10 to 99 devices. For more than 99 devices, you have to contact the sales team. This package must support a minimum of 10 devices, which makes it best for larger businesses that want to protect their devices and remotely manage endpoints.
  • Endpoint Protection and Response – From $849.90/year to $7.151,76/year, for 10 to 99 devices. For more than 99 devices, you have to contact the sales team. This package is for a minimum of 10 devices, which makes it best for larger businesses that want to protect their devices and want endpoint protection, detection, and response.

Free Trial???

Malwarebytes offers users a 14-day free trial but with limited features.

Bitdefender Pricing Plans

Bitdefender has pricing plans per each product they offer. They depend on the number of devices and the number of years of subscription. Based on these things, the prices are as follows:

Bitdefender Total Security

  • 5 devices – $39.98 per 1 year; $89.99 per 2 years; $119.99 per 3 years
  • 10 devices – $44.99 per 1 year; $101.99 per 2 years; $137.99 per 3 years

Bitdefender Internet Security

  • 1 device – $24.99 per 1 year; $53.99 per 2 years; $77.99 per 3 years
  • 3 devices – $34.99 per 1 year; $71.99 per 2 years; $89.99 per 3 years
  • 5 devices – $84.99 per 1 year; $129.99 per 2 years; $169.99 per 3 years
  • 10 devices – $89.99 per 1 year; $149.99 per 2 years; $199.99 per 3 years

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

  • 1 device – $19.99 per 1 year; $41.99 per 2 years; $53.99 per 3 years
  • 3 devices – $29.99 per 1 year; $53.99 per 2 years; $71.99 per 3 years
  • 5 devices – $69.99 per 1 year; $109.99 per 2 years; $149.99 per 3 years
  • 10 devices – $79.99 per 1 year; $129.99 per 2 years; $179.99 per 3 years

Free Trial???

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial.

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